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My new book "SANCTUARY", which you can preview and purchase here, is a coffee table photo book of images and stories of some of the 75,000 wild animals rescued by the Wildlife Waystation, a major, non-profit, wildlife rescue and care facility in Southern California. You can preview the 120 page book on the site and read about lions, tigers, wolves, bears, jaguars, leopards, mountain lions, bobcats, birds, and reptiles that have been given a new life by the Wildlife Waystation during its 35 plus year history.


I am no longer writing a weekly blog and photo info column for the Outdoor Photography Guide web site. However, you may review over 150 of my archived articles on the Outdoor Photography Guide web site here.
fall colored black oaks in snow"

You can view my latest on-line magazine photo/text interview/article in the September, 2015 issue of DP Review where I discuss various aspects of wildlife and nature photography with Dave Willis, former associate editor of Outdoor Photographer at this page of the DP Review web site.
 photo 521090063 silhouetted golden eagle aquila chrysaetos at sunrise captive colorado_zps899efeqb.jpg"
You can view my most recent magazine photo/text article in the November, 2016 issue of Outdoor Photographer on finding those unique lighting elements for landscape photography on this page of the Outdoor Photographer web site.  photo 798718508 snow covered trees in fog yellowstone national park wyoming_zpsohjauhwb.jpg"
You can view my magazine photo/text article in the April, 2014 issue of Outdoor Photographer on medium telephoto lens techniques for landscape and wildlife photography on this page of the Outdoor Photographer web site.  photo e53b7b23-756b-4c39-aed7-d96ed72fd196_zps590fcc89.jpg"
You can view my magazine photo/text article in the March, 2013 issue of Outdoor Photographer on storm light techniques on this page of the Outdoor Photographer web site.  photo 798600103RimeicecoveredtreesYellowstoneNationalParkWyoming_zpscdc10285.jpg"
You can view my photo/text article in the December, 2012 Outdoor Photographer on macro photography techniques on this page of the Outdoor Photographer web site. Photobucket"

Storm and winter landscapes in the western United States including locations in several out of the way state parks and BLM Lands. New wildlife coverage in selected locations in the western and southwestern United States.
lightning bryce photo 730750172blightningnaturalbridgeformationbrycecanyonnationalparkutah_zps42e21684.jpg

Added several new dragonfly and damselfly species and significantly expanded existing species coverage. A newly discovered Spiketail Dragonfly cordulegaster ssp. which is just being described in the scientific literature, has been added to my Dragonflies whose Common Name start with S-Z image gallery. UPDATE: This species has been named Sarracenia spiketail cordulegaster sarracenia, and is now described in the scientific literature-you can read the abstract at Cordulegaster sarracenia abstract. Also added images of The Masked Clubskimmer Dragonfly brechmorhoga pertinax species from Arizona. The masked clubskimmer has only been seen twice before in the United States and never before in Arizona. Also added images of The Slender Clubskimmer Dragonfly brechmorhoga praecox species from Arizona. The slender clubskimmer is also new to Arizona. They have also been added to my Dragonflies whose Common Name starts with A-E image gallery.
Also added images of the Straight-tipped Ringtail Dragonfly erpetogomphus elaps, to my Dragonflies whose Common Name starts with S-Z image gallery. This is only the second time this spectacular odonate species has been recorded in the United States.
Added several new species of very colorful eyelash and African bush vipers, like this recently discovered Broadley's Bush Viper atheris broadleyi, to my Venomous Snakes image gallery.
Added several new songbird species, including the Black-vented Oriole icterus weglari, which is very rare in the United States, to my Songbirds whose Common Names start with N-S image gallery. black-ventedoriole
I have also added extensively to my ENDANGERED UTAH PRAIRIE DOG COVERAGE, cynomys parvidens,in my Squirrels, Prairie Dogs and Rodents image gallery.


Please see my photo/text article SOUTHWEST ROAD TRIP, in the March, 2011 issue of Outdoor Photographer that discusses photographing spectacular but lesser known scenic locations in Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
Check out my article on birding and photographing birds in the October, 2011 issue of BirdWatching magazine. If you are a subscriber to BirdWatching you can see the article FOUR STAR RANCHES IN THE LONE STAR STATE here.
Look for many of my images in 2016 calendars from Audubon and Smith Southwestern. This image of a twisted juniper framing West Temple from a Scenic Byway BLM road in southern Utah was used, along with two other of my landscape images, in the AUDUBON 2016 ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR.
Please check out my recent additions to the Pomegranate line of notecards for the Sierra Club: Yellow-throated Warbler, dendroica dominica albilora, and Endangered Utah Prairie Dogs shown on the right. These cards are in addition to my boxed set of Yosemite Christmas Cards and the boxed set of Big Cats where three of the four images are mine. utahprairedogs